Book Fair

Fall 2022 Book Fair!!

(In person at Creekside and online/in store)

October 10-13 at Creekside, October 10-14 at the Boulder Bookstore and online

This year we are doing a hybrid fair. You can shop in person in the school library, or in the Boulder Bookstore or on their website. School shopping hours are below. You can purchase any items in the store or online, just mention Creekside when you check out and your purchases will count! (If you choose the online option, when you go to the “checkout” page, at the very bottom you will see a box that says “order comments.” Just put “Creekside Elementary Book Fair” there.) You can also send cash with your child to shop during their class library period. Vouchers for a free book for those who need one are available from Stephanie MacArthur in FRS. Thanks for supporting your school library!

In-school shopping hours:

Monday 10/10, 3-4 pm

Tuesday 10/11, 3-7 pm

Wednesday 10/12, 3-4 pm

Thursday 10/13, 3-7 pm