Creekside Fun Run

Way to go creekside cougars!

Creekside Students had a wonderful time running laps to raise funds for the school!  

We have not met our goal and are still taking donations.

You can still submit your envelope with cash and checks to the school,
or make a credit card donation through our PayPal page here.

About the Fun Run

The Fun Run is a successful way for extended family, friends and neighbors to contribute to our Creekside Community.  

Each student is encouraged to collect $150 or more in donations. 

100% of the profits will be used at Creekside to fund tutors to work in classrooms supporting our teachers, teacher requests for field trips, educational enhancements and more!

Our goal for this year is to raise $40,000 to support Creekside Activities and Events

Thank You To Our Platinum Sponsor