100% Creekside

What is 100% Creekside? A new Spring Fundraising initiative to support our students,classrooms, and special programs. The goal is 100% participation from each and every student/family – not a specific dollar amount!

Who is participating? All Creekside students and their families are invited to contribute!Where can you donate? Donations will be captured both in the classroom and online at https://givebutter.com/100percentcreekside. If you donate online, please be sure to denote your child’s teacher for tracking purposes.

When will this be taking place? The campaign will run from April 1-April 12, 2024.

Why does the school need the donations? The school’s budget only goes so far. AtCreekside we want the additional funds so we can provide extra opportunities including 13paraprofessionals to provide teacher and student support, and fun opportunities for our kiddos – from the Creekside garden, to field trip excursions, to the 5th grade signature experience at Cal-Wood.

How do we participate? Students’ names and donation amounts will NOT be tracked individually, but rather tally marks will be captured in the classrooms whenever a donation is made. 100% participation is achieved when the total number of donations equals the total number of kids in that classroom. If someone gives $1 one week, and $1 the second week, that will count as two tallys towards the classroom goal. Online giving is open now! Classroom tracking towards the 100% goal will begin Monday, April 1 – when we get back from Spring Break. Envelopes for cash and check gifts will be sent home in the April 5 Friday Folders.

What else do we need to know? Gifts of any size count toward the 100% participation goal! Your kids will be hearing about 100% Creekside at school and hopefully are excited to participate. If your kiddo wants to give $1 from their piggy bank, great! If they want to host a lemonade stand and donate $10 from the proceeds, fantastic! If you or Grandma wants to chip in $25 towards the goal, we welcome it!

Thanks for your ongoing support of Creekside and the Creekside Parent Organization (CPO)as we try out something new this year! All classrooms that achieve 100% participation will berewarded with extra recess! Go Cougars!